Dear Gikwang,

Since it’s your birthday, I’d be spamming you today, you sexy sexy B2ST. I hope you don’t mind.~

My day won’t be complete without..

Your eye-smile

Your heart

Your close ups during MVs

Your aegyo

Your American dance

Your dance breaks, you dancing machine

Your randomness

Your dreaminess

Your face, goddamnit

Did I say aegyo already? Oh yes I did. But you seem to never run out of it.

You’re such a dork, but I love you just the same.

Your Kikwinks (I die every.single.time.)

Your uber kissable lips

Your That tongue action

How you make me laugh by just listening to your voice


I sincerely love you. Really really. I wish you have a great year ahead! More blessings, years, happiness, and love to come! ^^

Always love,


(Source: kpop-gifs)